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This is a multifunction template. At its simplest, it adds the currency mark "US$", as recommended by MOS:CURRENCY for many situations. The template can also link to the United States dollar article and can even calculate inflation. See warnings below.

Usage[change source]



  • {{US$}}US$
  • {{US$|123.45}}US$123.45

Link[change source]

The parameter |link=yes may be used to link US$ to the article United States dollar. This is turned off by default, but may be appropriate for the first occurrence of the term in an article.


  • {{US$|123.45|link=yes}}US$123.45

Suppress "US"[change source]

By specifying |long=no, display of "US" before the "$" sign may be suppressed when it is clear from context that the United States dollar is meant, rather than one of the twenty or so other currencies going by the name of "dollar".


  • {{US$|123.45|long=no}}$123.45
  • {{US$|123.45|long=no|link=yes}}$123.45

Inflation calculation[change source]

The template supports inflation calculation, by way of {{Inflation}}. If the second parameter is used, to specify a year, and this year is within a certain range of available inflation data (specifically, if 1800 ≤ year < 2020), the equivalent value represented in 2020 dollars will be calculated in parentheses. However, this function should only be used in appropriate situations.

  • {{US$|value|year}}
  • {{US$|value|year|round=round|about=yes}}


  • {{US$|100|1799}}US$100
  • {{US$|100|1800}}US$100 (equivalent to $1,476 in 2020)
  • {{US$|100|1966}}US$100 (equivalent to $772.21 in 2020)
  • {{US$|100|1966|link=yes}}US$100 (equivalent to $772.21 in 2020)
  • {{US$|100|2019}}US$100 (equivalent to $100 in 2020)
  • {{US$|100|2020}}US$100
  • {{US$|100|2021}}US$100
  • {{US$|100|2022}}US$100

Additional parameter |about=yes will cause the template to calculate to the nearest dollar (instead of the nearest cent), and prefix the calculated value with "about". The rounding can be fine-tuned further by using |round=integer. These parameters may be combined.


  • {{US$|10|1935}}US$10 (equivalent to $182.74 in 2020)
  • {{US$|10|1935|round=0}}US$10 (equivalent to $183 in 2020)
  • {{US$|10|1935|about=yes}}US$10 (equivalent to about $183 in 2020)
  • {{US$|1000|1935|round=2}}US$1,000 (equivalent to $18,274.27 in 2020)
  • {{US$|1000|1935|round=-2}}US$1,000 (equivalent to $18,300 in 2020)
  • {{US$|1000|1935|round=-2|about=yes}}US$1,000 (equivalent to about $18,300 in 2020)

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