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Description[change source]

This links to a specific bill via THOMAS.

Bills and Resolutions from the 6th Congress through the 42nd Congress are available separately through the Library of Congress.

Usage[change source]

Required: {{USBill | {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} }}
Optional: {{USBill | {{{1}}} | {{{2}}} | {{{3}}} | {{{pipe}}} | {{{site}}} }}
  • {{{1}}}: Congress number (93-present). (1-92 will provide the right output, but it won't be linked).
(Congress number)
Link Format
93-112 (present) Links to THOMAS bill Formats properly
1-92 No link Formats properly
  • {{{2}}}: Bill type:
(NOT case specific)
(Spaces are optional, but will be dropped in piped result)
(Periods are optional, but will be added in piped result)
Bill type Piped result
h, h., h.r., hr House Bill

Note: H.R. is a House Bill, not a House Resolution.
h.res., h.res, hres House Resolution H.Res.
h.j.res, h.jres, h.j.res, hjres., h.j.r., hjr, hj, hjres House Joint Resolution H.J.Res.
h.con.res., h.con.res, h. con. res., h. con. res,
hconres., hconres, hcr, h c r, h con res
House Concurrent Resolution H.Con.Res.
h.amdt., h.amdt, ha, hamdt House Amendment H.Amdt.
s., s Senate Bill S.
s.res., s.res, sr, sres Senate Resolution S.Res.
s.j., s.j, sj, sjr, sjres Senate Joint Resolution S.J.Res.
s.con.res., s.con.res, s. con. res., s. con. res,
sconres., sconres, scr, s c r, s con res, scon
Senate Concurrent Resolution S.Con.Res.
s.amdt., s.amdt, samt, sa, samdt Senate Amendment S.Amdt.
  • {{{3}}}: Bill number (1-?)
  • {{{pipe}}}: Optional field if you'd rather use piped text
  • {{{site}}}: Optional field. If any data is here (i.e., non-blank), it adds " at THOMAS." "Site" will not apply if there's no link, (i.e. {{{1}}}<93). "Site" is useful when including bills in lists, such as External links.

Examples[change source]

Senate Joint Resolution 52 of the 101st Congress:

{{USBill|101|SJ|52}} returns S.J.Res. 52

House bill 889 of the 109th Congress:

{{USBill|109|HR|889}} returns H.R. 889

House Resolution 4954 of the 109th Congress, known as the "SAFE Port Act":

{{USBill|109|HR|4954|pipe=Text of the SAFE Port Act|site=yes}} returns Text of the SAFE Port Act at THOMAS

Examples of Senate legislation from the Library of Congress:

{{USBill|110|S|254}} returns S. 254
{{USBill|110|SJ|10}} returns S.J.Res. 10
{{USBill|110|SConRes|33}} returns S.Con.Res. 33
{{USBill|110|SRes|69}} returns S.Res. 69
{{USBill|110|SA|43}} returns S.Amdt. 43

Examples of House of Representatives legislation from the Library of Congress:

{{USBill|110|HR|622}} returns H.R. 622
{{USBill|110|HJ|65}} returns H.J.Res. 65
{{USBill|110|HConRes|27}} returns H.Con.Res. 27
{{USBill|110|HRes|655|site=yes}} returns H.Res. 655 at THOMAS
{{USBill|110|HA|234|site=yes}} returns H.Amdt. 234 at THOMAS

Example of an unlinked bill:

{{USBill|82|HRes|5678|site=yes}} returns H.Res. 5678

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