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If the parameter source=ArticleWizard is used, the template places the page into Category:Pages created with the Article Wizard.

If the page is in article mainspace it shows {{New unreviewed article}}, and in all other namespaces it adds the category Category:Misplaced userspace drafts.

This template is added automatically to userspace drafts created via the Wikipedia:Article wizard.

Note: when used in User, User talk or Wikipedia talk namespaces, this template automatically includes __NOINDEX__.

If the page this template is on has not been edited it over a year, it will appear in Category:Stale userspace drafts.

Usage[change source]

To use, add {{Userspace draft|date=May 2021}} to the very top of a draft article in userspace (not its talk page).

This template should only be used in userspace. To denote articles in the mainspace that are undergoing major edits, use {{Inuse}}.

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