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Usage[change source]

This template can be used to respond to (or comment on) requests at Wikipedia:Vandalism in progress. Please do not substitute this template.

Additionally, where there is a parameter of X, Y, or Z, a specific time period may be indicated. For example:

{{VIP|oldwarn|Y}} produces

Stalewarning.svg Old warning. Last warning was issued Y ago.

Proper usage is:

{{VIP|oldwarn|1 month}} produces

Stalewarning.svg Old warning. Last warning was issued 1 month ago.

Result Shorthand Longhand
Pictogram voting wait blue.svg Checking: :{{VIP|chk}} :{{VIP|check}}
Pictogram voting wait green.svg Wait. If user vandalizes in Z they may be blocked. :{{VIP|wt|Z}} :{{VIP|wait|Z}}
Pictogram voting wait.svg Warned user. :{{VIP|w}} :{{VIP|warn}}
Pictogram voting wait orange.svg Not enough recent activity to give a block, but worth keeping an eye on. :{{VIP|i}} :{{VIP|ins}}
Pictogram voting wait red.svg No changes since final warning. Re-report if they continue vandalizing. :{{VIP|f}} :{{VIP|nfw}}
Stalewarning.svg Old warning. Last warning was issued Y ago. :{{VIP|ow|Y}} :{{VIP|oldwarn|Y}}
System-search.svg Will actively watch user. :{{VIP|m}} :{{VIP|monitor}}
Symbol question.svg Question: :{{VIP|q}} :{{VIP|ques}}
Symbol comment vote.svg Note: :{{VIP|n}} :{{VIP|note}}
Symbol comment vote.svg Note: Most IP addresses cannot be blocked indefinitely. Please see the blocking policy for more details. :{{VIP|in}} :{{VIP|indef}}
Symbol note.svg Appears to be a shared IP address, used by multiple users. :{{VIP|s}} :{{VIP|shared}}
Symbol opinion vote.svg User has not been warned correctly. 4im warnings are appropriate for severe vandalism and defamation only. :{{VIP|4im}} :{{VIP|onlywarn}}
Symbol declined.svg Content dispute. :{{VIP|c}} :{{VIP|cont}}
Symbol declined.svg User has been incorrectly or insufficiently warned. Re-report once the user has been warned sufficiently. :{{VIP|ns}} :{{VIP|new}}
Symbol declined.svg Blocks are preventative, not meant to be used as punishment. :{{VIP|np}} :{{VIP|notpunish}}
Symbol declined.svg Changes are not vandalism. :{{VIP|nv}} :{{VIP|notvandal}}
Symbol delete vote.svg Page deleted. :{{VIP|d}} :{{VIP|del}}
Time2wait.svg Stale report. User has not made changes in X. :{{VIP|e|X}} {{VIP|stale|X}}
Time2wait.svg Report was good at the time, but is now stale. (X since last edit) Re-report if this user resumes vandalising. :{{VIP|sn|X}} :{{VIP|nowstale|X}}
Symbol merge vote.svg Reports merged. :{{VIP|me}} :{{VIP|merge}}

If the parameter passed does not match any of the above, it will be shown as raw text. You will still need to sign comments left using this template.