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Usage[change source]

This template is similar to {{Wikinews}}. See also documentation there.

As documented in Wikipedia:Wikimedia sister projects#Wikinews:

Links to pages on the Wikinews site:

  • Box format
    • {{Wikinews|SomeArticleTitle}}: Creates box with link to article SomeArticleTitle.
    • {{Wikinews category|SomeCategoryTitle}}: Creates box with link to category SomeCategoryTitle.
  • To link in-line with other text, create an interwiki link in the format: [[Wikinews:SomeArticleTitle|reference to the Wikinews article]].

Template What it makes Where it goes


  • {{Wikinews|insert article name here}}
  • Placed at bottom of article (typically in Other websites)
  • Uses parameter (i.e. insert article name here) for a manual link.
{{Wikinews category}}


  • {{Wikinews category|Insert category name here}}
  • Bottom of article (typically in Other websites).