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This template when used on an author's page will utilise interwiki links stored at Wikidata to create the link and the label to the author page at English Wikisource

Usage[change source]

Wikitext Output Notes
At William Shakespeare
{{wikisource author}}
Placement of the template is usually after the "External links" section header prior to any inline list.
Warning: Do not put an asterisk "*" at the start of the line or it will cause the box and text to be distorted.

Override automated data[change source]

To note that parameters can still be utilised to override the presentation, though this would not be the preferred means as when a page is moved here or at Wikisource the link would be broken. An example of such usage would be adding an author link on an article that is a list of works of the author.

Wikitext Output
At Alice Bertha Gomme
{{wikisource author|wslink=Alice Bertha Gomme|title=Alice Gomme}}

Warning[change source]

Do not put an asterisk ("*") at the start of the line. It will cause the box and text to appear incorrectly.

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