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Description[change source]

{{winners|sport|title|nation|opt. number of title|opt. flag variant|name=opt. name}}
{{winners|sport|age|title|nation|opt. number of title|opt. flag variant|name=opt. name}}

Produces a small box to identify the winner of an international sport tournament. The flag of the nation is displayed above the wikilink to the appropriate national team article.

  • sport — One of:
  • age — Use number for the variable NN (from 14 to 23)
  • title — Text string identifying the name of the tournament.
  • nation — Use either the name of the nation or the three-letter country code as used by IOC or FIFA.
  • number of title (optional) — Specifies the number of times this team has won this tournament (e.g. "First").
  • flag variant (optional) — Specifies an alternate (historical) flag to use. This parameter is documented by the appropriate template in Category:Country data templates.
  • name= (optional) — Can be used to change the wikilink display text.

Examples[change source]

{{winners|fb|2004 AFC Asian Cup Winners|Japan|Third}}
 2004 AFC Asian Cup Winners 

Third title
{{winners|fbwu|20|2014 Women's Under-20 South American Champions|BRA|Sixth}}
 2014 Women's Under-20 South American Champions 

Sixth title
{{winners|ih18|2013 IIHF World U18 Champions|CAN|Third}}
 2013 IIHF World U18 Champions 

Third title
{{winners|vb|2005 Men's European Champions|Italy|Sixth}}
 2005 Men's European Champions 

Sixth title
{{winners|ru|2003 Rugby World Cup Champions|ENG|First}}
 2003 Rugby World Cup Champions 

First title
{{winners|fh|2006 Hockey World Cup Champions|GER|Second}}
 2006 Hockey World Cup Champions 

Second title
{{winners|bkw|2006 FIBA World Champions|AUS|First}}
 2006 FIBA World Champions 

First title
{{winners|davis|1995 Davis Cup Winners|USA|31st}}
 1995 Davis Cup Winners 

United States
31st title
{{winners|davis|1995 Davis Cup Winners|USA|{{ordinal|31}}}}
 1995 Davis Cup Winners 

United States
31st title
{{winners|ih|flag variant test|BIH||1992|name=BIH 92}}
 flag variant test 

BIH 92

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