Temple Mount

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Temple Mount
Hebrew: Har HaBayith
Israel-2013(2)-Aerial-Jerusalem-Temple Mount-Temple Mount (south exposure).jpg
view of Temple Mount
Elevation 743 m (2,438 ft)
Location Jerusalem
Coordinates 31°46′43″N 35°14′5″E / 31.77861°N 35.23472°E / 31.77861; 35.23472Coordinates: 31°46′43″N 35°14′5″E / 31.77861°N 35.23472°E / 31.77861; 35.23472

The Temple Mount (Hebrew: הַר הַבַּיִת, Har haBáyit‎‎ or as Har haMoria (Hebrew: הַר הַמוריה‎‎) a religious site in the Old City of Jerusalem. In Judaism it is the location of the two Jewish Temples, and is believed to be the place where Adam was born, where Adam built an altar for God, where Cain and Abel offer there sacrifices, and where Abraham offered Isaac as a sacrifice.[1] Among Muslims, Temple Mount, or otherwise known as the Noble Sanctuary, is the site of Muhammad's ascent to heaven. The site is also associated with Jewish biblical prophets who are also venerated in Islam.

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