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Tenbun (天文), also known as Tembun or Temmon, was a Japanese era name (年号,, nengō,, lit. "year name") after Kyōroku and before Kōji. This period started in July 1532 and ended in October 1555.[1] During this time, the emperor was Go-Nara-tennō (後奈良天皇).[2] or Go-Heizei-tennō (後平城天皇)[3]

Events of the Tenbun era[change | change source]

Ashikaga Yoshiteru was made shōgun in the 15th year of Tenbun
  • 1536 (Tenbun 5, 26th day of the 2nd month): Go-Nara was formally established as emperor.[4]
  • 1543 (Tenbun 13, 7th month): Flooding in Kyoto and nearby areas.[7]
  • 1547 (Tenbun 11): Joseon and "Treaty of Tenbun" limited trade to Korean port of Pusan.[9]

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