Tensha Tsuchimikado Shinto

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Tensha Tsuchimikado Shinto
Founder Abe no Seimei
Founded at Japan
Website https://onmyodo.jp

Tensha Tsuchimikado Shinto[1] is a Shinto group that combines Confucian and Shinto beliefs.[2] It is sometimes referred to as Tsuchimikado Shinto.

Tensha Tsuchimikado Shinto was created by Abe no Seimei[3] in the 900s [4]and was influenced by Onmyodo.[3] It has strong connections to the Abe clan.[3]

Yoshihito Fujita is the current leader of Tensha Tsuchimikado Shinto.[5]

In 1870, Tsuchimikado Shintō was abolished along with Onmyōdō due to a government ban. It was only permitted again in 1945, after the abolition of State Shinto and the establishment of religious freedom in Japan.[3] In 1954, a new organization was formed for Tsuchimikado Shintō.[6]

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