Terraforming of Mars

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Artist's conception of the process of terraforming Mars.

The terraforming of Mars is an idea that humans can change the climate and surface of Mars. They would do this to make Mars a place where humans and other life forms from Earth could live. The project will rely on the idea that the environment of a planet can be changed through artificial means. There are a number of proposed methods.[1]

Reasons for terraforming[change | change source]

Mars is the most earthlike of all the other planets in our Solar System. It is also believed that Mars once had an Earth-like environment early in its history. Mars once had a thicker atmosphere and water. However, it disappeared over the course of hundreds of millions of years.

Future population growth and the demand for resources is necessary for human colonization of objects other than Earth, such as Mars and the Moon, and nearby planets. Space colonization will help harvest the Solar System's energy and material resources.[2]

The terraforming of Mars can also be helpful in the survival of the human race. Many catastrophic extinction events could occur on Earth, such as the meteor thought to have killed off the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Earth's species, including humans, could live on Mars instead.

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