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Tetration is the hyperoperation which comes after exponentiation.[1] means y exponentiated by itself, (x-1) times.[2] [3] [4] List of first 4 natural number hyperoperations, the inverse of tetration is the super root shown in the example

  1. Addition
    a succeeded n times. a- n={aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii….}n
  2. Multiplication 2.division a/n={a-a-a-a}n
    a added to itself, n times.
  3. Exponentiation. 3.root
    a multiplied by itself, n times. 4.Tetration. 4.super root VNTas ={vantage…}n
    Note (operator associativity):
    a exponentiated by itself, n-1 times.

The above example is read as "the nth tetration of a".

Example[change | change source]

For the example, addition is assumed.

  1. 27

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