Thaanaa Serndha Koottam

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Thaanaa Serndha Kootam
Tamilதானா சேர்ந்த கூட்டம்
Directed byVignesh Shivan
Written byVignesh Shivan
Produced by
CinematographyDinesh Krishnan
Edited byA. Sreekar Prasad
Music byAnirudh Ravichander
Release date
Budget25 crores
Box office90.2crore

Thaanaa Serndha Koottam (transl. A crowd that gathered on its own) is an 2018 Tamil-language action-thriller film written and directed by Vignesh Shivan and produced by K. E. Gnanavel Raja.

Plot[change | change source]

All the events in this movie happen in the period of 1986–1987. The film begins with Pallavaram Paranjothi Pandian attending an interview for a clerk's post and getting rejected due to lack of money for giving bribes to the officials.

Now the story shifts to Nachinarkiniyan aka Iniyan attending CBI interviews and his friend attending police interviews. Both are rejected due to lack of bribe money for the post. Iniyan's father Porchelvan works as a CBI office clerk. He wants his son to be an officer, hence he pleads for the posting for his son to his higher officials.

However, he earned the wrath of his senior official officer Uthaman, a corrupt official. Once during a raid, he asks for money. Porchelvan did not approve of this and complains about Uthaman in the form of an anonymous letter. Uthaman learns of this and exacts revenge by purposely rejecting and humiliating Iniyan at the interview and later asking him to bribe in order to get the job. Iniyan and his father are dejected, and Iniyan's friend is dejected due to his failure in the interview, and he later commits suicide.

Iniyan is depressed after all these events and decides to loot money from the corrupted and rich people. He loots black money and tries to reform society, making sure the deserved people get posting in the government departments. He forms a gang with him and starts to heist by posing as CBI and income tax officers.

The CBI appoints Kurunjivendhan to investigate and capture the thieves. Meanwhile, Iniyan falls in love with Madhu, and she accepts his marriage proposal. One day, the gang conducts an interview for the CBI (fake). The gang plans to raid a jewelry shop. Uthaman and Kurunjivendhan come to know about this, but learn that they already came and finished the raid. Kurunjivendhan apprehends Iniyan and wants him to be a police inspector, but he rejects the offer as he believes that even more good can be done if he continued to do his deeds. He then reveals the force with Kurunjivendhan is actually the men he gave jobs using the heist money. He escapes the place with ease.

Cast[change | change source]