Thando Thabethe

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Thando Thabethe
Thando (1).jpg
Thando on Morning, Mandela consert with Nyalleng
Born 1990, June 18 (27)
Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Nationality America
Citizenship Africa-America
Education University of Technology in New York City
Occupation Actress
Years active 2003-present
Salary SAR1.3 million (2014)
Television See below
  • Mmusi Maimane (2007-2012)
Relatives See Thabethe family
Awards See Full list
Website Official Page

Thando Thabethe[2] (also Thando Thabooty) is a South African born actress and stylish model. Thando went with actress Phindile Gwala on Morning, Mandela a true story about Nelson Mandela.[3]

Early life[change | change source]

Thabooty[4] was born in Port Elizabeth and is an Zulu speaking person, when she was small her parents moved to North of Durban later she studied Technique and Arts and Culture. During the Grade 1 session she found that she was Hospitality Deceased after her mother told her that.[5]

In 2004, Thando started her debut on her own show Thabooty... And made her South Africa Finest Magazine:Ambassador during her course. Thando Thabethe studied Language Structures in New York and also in Pretoria, Cape Town, and Port Elizabeth. Later in SunnyHill started a Facebook page and got 1,2 thousand on her first day.

Career[change | change source]

Thaboooty[6] is one of South Africa's stylish actress, and model. Thabooty started acting on My Perfect Family a local television comedic and variety. In 2007, she then started her own show with Abigail Kubeka called The Dube's Night and " Thabooty Show". And later she went with Phindile Gwala on Ngwanaka Okae. Her modeling career went dropping after she attended Miss World in 2010 and was'nt crowned for modeling with Priyanka Chopra.[7]. In 2016, she had an album of "@thethandothabethe" and was a single for the Beatles song with Jessica Alba and Drake.

Actress on Lip Sync Battle Africa

The actress debuted on How I met your Mother joing as Terry, she started and directed a film by Anne Muler The Gods Must Be Crazy, and then went on Humble:The Revenge on Moana a cartoon series by Jessica Alba directed by Charlize Theron.[8] Her modeling career started beating after singing with Rihanna and Justin Mazin on How I Love You my Valentine with the Beatles. In April 2010, she won the Best Female on Choice Awards, in Africa[9]. Thando became the Africa Next Top Model, and started her own show called Trending SA. The Next Top Model contest end of America's Next Top Show Stopper was Anna Prinsloo and her sister Behati Prinsloo. Later with Candice Swanepoel on Namibia Next Top Africa's Show Stopper#16th episode. In her first role of Norm My Skolie which she left of many gangsters in the city. In 2017 she took part in The Jackson's Are Back and nominated as lead role in "Spectacular American Film Award 2017".

Acting Career[change | change source]

Modeling Career[change | change source]

  • Ms Africa 2008
  • Miss World 2009
  • Miss Modeling Africa
  • Mrs. South Africa

Political Career[change | change source]

Discography/Music Career[change | change source]

In the year of 2006, Thabooty started her singing industry first at The Variety Show with Thabooty and The Thabooty Show. Later 2007, she sang on YoTV, and Craz-e with The Friendly Show.

Her tribute to Ngokuhlwe MzimA has made her tbe musical-actress with Abigail Kubeka. Her first song with Drake, and Nicky Minaj called Love Me Better Than Your Mate an awarded song since the 21th Century.

Accolades[change | change source]

List of Accolades[change | change source]

Leleti Khumalo lends as step-mother of Thando Thabooty
Year Award Event Dir Nominee
2008 For Best Actress SAFTA's Mary Gibson Nominated
2010 For Supporting Actress Choice Awards Ngwanaka Okae Won
2011 For Best Actress in a Soap Choice Awards Uzalo Nominated
2014 For Actress in a Soap West Africa Awards Morning, Mandela Won
2017- For African Female Act Africa Festival Awards Uzalo Nominated
2017- For Africa Best Female Actress Choice Awards 2017 The Gods Must Be Crazy Won

Discography[change | change source]

Project[change | change source]

The Thando Thabethe Africa Out Reach Project helps Africa needed children who suffer from hungriness, AIDS, and HIV. The project is also a foundation which is Thando Thabethe Foundation... under neath Charlize Theron Farming Project. Thando is one of Africa's Indulge female actresses, started her Africa OutReach Project in 2014 since now. Now she helps children in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Angola and IaShia, she is still coming in other African Countries, and also to Asia.

In the project of #TheKarekta (English The Character) helps South African Cevil & Poor Adults from the age of 59-110. The project develops 100th Adults Coliseum in Africa. The project has led as UNICEF goodwill ambassador.

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