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The Amanda Show is a sketch comedy television series starring Amanda Bynes, formerly of All That. It is a spin-off of All That. The series starred Amanda as almost every major recurring character, including herself, Penelope, Courtney, and Judge Trudy (a parody of Judge Judy.) The series aired on Saturday nights on the Nickelodeon television network in the United States. It still shows the show in reruns. Three of the show's stars (Drake Bell, Josh Peck, and Nancy Cartwright) Were on the very popular Drake and Josh.

Penelope Taynt[change | change source]

Penelope Taynt is a fictional character played by Amanda Bynes "Number One Fan, Please" on The Amanda Show. She never once met Amanda, but often came very close. She is known for saying "please" and "actual" often. She does not know the names of any cast member that is not Amanda. On the show, she had a website called "" Eventually, it was made into the show's official site.