The Ant and the Aardvark

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The Ant And The Aardvark is a series of 17 short cartoons released between March 5,1969 and June 20,1971

Plot[change | change source]

The cartoons follow attempts of a blue aardvark named Aardvark (voiced by John Byner),[1] to catch and eat a red ant named Charlie (also voiced by John Byner.[2] Aardvark does this by inhaling with a loud vacuum cleaner sound. In the episode Rough Brunch, he claims his name is simply "Aardvark." Charlie Ant gives his nemesis several names as sly terms of endearment (Ol' Sam, Ol' Ben, Ol' Blue, Claude, Pal, Buddy, Daddy-O).[3] In several bumper sequences of The Pink Panther Show, he is called "Blue Aardvark."

Filmography[change | change source]

All voices provided by John Byner unless otherwise noted.

Title Directed by: Story: Release date: Additional voices: Synopsis:
1 The Ant and the Aardvark Friz Freleng John W. Dunn March 5, 1969 The Ant's quiet lunch is upset by a hungry blue Aardvark.
2 Hasty But Tasty Gerry Chiniquy John W. Dunn March 6, 1969 The Aardvark is troubled by the portable "Instant Hole" which removes the ground beneath him on the edge of a cliff. It also lets the air out of a balloon holding the Aardvark in the air.
3 The Ant From Uncle George Gordon John W. Dunn April 2, 1969 To keep the Ant from escaping, the Aardvark tries to plug every ant hole he can find. Unfortunately finds a huge hole the size of a volcanic which is the dwelling of Charlie's huge, older brother or cousin.
4 I've Got Ants in My Plans Gerry Chiniquy John W. Dunn May 14, 1969 After breaking up a formal Ant dinner, the Aardvark fights over the Ant with a rival green aardvark.
5 Technology, Phooey Gerry Chiniquy Irv Spector June 25, 1969 The Aardvark buys a computer (with a speaking voice resembling Paul Lynde) to help him catch the Ant.
6 Never Bug an Ant Gerry Chiniquy David Detiege September 12, 1969 The Aardvark gets a real vacuum to suck the Ant out of his home.
7 Dune Bug Art Davis John W. Dunn October 27, 1969 The Ant is spending his vacation at the beach. There the Aardvark doggedly pursues him. In addition, a nearsighted lifeguard mistakes the Aardvark for a dog, which are not allowed on the beach without a leash.
8 Isle of Caprice Gerry Chiniquy David Detiege December 18, 1969 Stranded on a desert island, the hungry Aardvark tries to avoid a shark while trying to get to a nearby island full of ants.
9 Scratch a Tiger Hawley Pratt Irv Spector January 28, 1970 Marvin Miller The Ant removes a thorn from a tiger's paw. Then the tiger repays the favor by protecting the Ant from the hungry Aardvark.
10 Odd Ant Out Gerry Chiniquy Sid Marcus April 28, 1970 The green aardvark returns as he battles over a can of Chocolate Covered Ants with the Aardvark.
11 Ants in the Pantry Hawley Pratt John W. Dunn June 10, 1970 In order to eat, the Aardvark tries to rid a house of its ant infestation.
12 Science Friction Gerry Chiniquy Larz Bourne June 28, 1970 The Aardvark chases after the Ant, who is being studied by a local scientist.
13 Mumbo Jumbo Art Davis John W. Dunn September 27, 1970 The Ant is a member of the Brothers of the Forest Lodge 202. The members promise to always help one another in a time of distress by shouting the call "Timbula Zoombula."
14 The Froze Nose Knows Gerry Chiniquy Dale Hale November 18, 1970 The Aardvark tries his best to capture the Ant during a snowy winter.
15 Don't Hustle an Ant with Muscle Art Davis Dale Hale December 27, 1970 After eating a bottle full of vitamins, the Ant gains super strength.
16 Rough Brunch Art Davis Sid Marcus January 3, 1971 The Ant seeks refuge from the Aardvark with his termite cousin Term at the termite's huge house.
17 From Bed to Worse Art Davis John W. Dunn June 16, 1971 Athena Lorde After being hit by a truck, the Ant and the Aardvark find themselves in an animal hospital along with a dog and rhino.

References[change | change source]

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