The Brothers of Destruction

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The Brothers of Destruction
The Brother of Destruction at a Smackdown/ECW house show in Adelaide, South Australia on June 14, 2008
Tag team
MembersThe Undertaker
Name(s)Kane and The Undertaker
The Brothers of Destruction
Paul Bearer (manager)
DebutAugust 24, 1998

The Brothers of Destruction was a professional wrestling tag team. The team was made up of The Undertaker and Kane. The Brothers of Destruction are best known for competing in World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment (WWF/E). During their time as a tag team, they were able to win the WWF World Tag Team Championship on two different occasions. The team was managed by Paul Bearer

Championships[change | change source]

1They won the championships during The Invasion and also held the WWF Tag Team Championship at the same time, which briefly unifed the two championships, however they would defend them and lost each title on different occasions.

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