The Chain of Generations Center

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Coordinates: 31°46′36.93″N 35°14′3.51″E / 31.7769250°N 35.2343083°E / 31.7769250; 35.2343083

מרכז שרשרת הדורות - ירושלים 2.jpg

The Chain of Generations Center (מרכז שרשרת הדורות - Merkaz Sharsheret HaDorot) is an "art museum" at the Western Wall Plaza in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem beside the Western Wall which dedicated to the Jewish people history in Glasses. the "Chain of Generations Center" special exhibitions is located in a tunnel that runs several underground spaces, including works sculpted glass, light games, smoke, sound, holograms and archeological finds are. the museum was opened in 2006.

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