The Crow and the Pitcher

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The crow dropping pebble into the pitcher of water

"The Crow and the Pitcher" is a fable by Aesop. "The Crow and the Pitcher" is numbered at 390 in the Perry Index. The fable is in the 2nd century AD Greek fable collection by pseudo-Dositheus and also later appears in the 4th–5th century Latin verse collection by Avianus.

The fable is about a crow that is thirsty and comes across a pitcher of water. When the crow looks in the pitcher, the water is at the bottom and is out of the crow's reach. The crow tries to push the pitcher over but fails to do so. It drops pebbles in the pitcher, one by one, until the water rises to the top of the pitcher which allows the crow to drink. Avianus follows the fable with a moral that emphasizes the virtue of ingenuity: "This fable shows us that thoughtfulness is superior to brute strength."