The Crystal Maze

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The Crystal Maze is a British game show on Channel 4. It ran from 1990 to 1995 and was revived in 2016. A team of six players completed challenges to win crystals. It was presented by Richard O'Brien from series 1 to 4 and Ed Tudor-Pole in series 5 and 6. Stephen Merchant presented an episode in 2016. Richard Ayoade presents in 2017.

Game show[change | change source]

It was made by Chatsworth Television as an British version of the French show Fort Boyard. There are four zones in the maze - Medieval, Aztec, Futuristic and Industrial. In each zone, players attempt challenges to earn a crystal. Each crystal gives them five seconds in the Crystal Dome. After a while, the Industrial zone was replaced by an Ocean zone.

Crystal dome[change | change source]

The Crystal Dome is a large glass crystal where the players must go in at the end. Small golden and silver tickets are blown around the dome and they must try and catch as many as they can. For every gold token they put in the box, they get a point. For every silver token they put in the box, they lose a point.

If the team gets over 100 points, they win a big prize. If they do not win, they get a small crystal to take home with them.

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