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The Game of Death (死亡的遊戲) is an incomplete Hong Kong martial arts film, of 39 minutes (approximatley two minutes is missing from the beginning), filmed in 1972, directed, written, produced by and starring Bruce Lee, as Hai Tien, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as Mantis, James Tien, Chieh Yuan, Dan Inosanto, Ji Han-jae and Hwang In-shik (only a short footage outdoors). Unifinished because of Bruce Lee's death. Produced company Concord Production Inc.[1] and Golden Harvest. The 1972 original footage it was distributed in 2000 by two documentaries, Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey[2] and Bruce Lee in G.O.D 死亡的遊戯[3][4] and 2019 by short film Game of Death Redux. The 1972 original script it was distributed by short film The Story.

Plot[change | change source]

During a search is discovered among the choreography writings, hand-written storyline, 12 pages in length and containing all scene breakdowns and select dialogue passages the original storyline stands in sharp contrast to the one presented in the film Game of Death (1978 movie). After the discovery of Lee's script notes in 2000 it was directed the short film The Story.[5] The movie is the storyline for The Game of Death and the missing part of Bruce Lee's The Game of Death, not played in 1972. Directed in South Korea by John Little, distributed as a special feature in DVD of the documentary Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey.

Trailer[change | change source]

First trailer in 1973 within the documentary Bruce Lee: the Mand and the Legend where some exclusive fragments were shown.

Distribution[change | change source]

Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey[change | change source]

Bruce Lee historian John Little released Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey, a documentary revealing the original footage of The Game of Death. The documentary also includes a fairly in-depth biography of Lee and leads into the filming of The Game of Death.

Bruce Lee in G.O.D 死亡的遊戯[change | change source]

In 2000, the Japanese film-documentary Bruce Lee in G.O.D 死亡的遊戯 was released on DVD. This film shows the existing footage that was shot for the film before he died, interviews, and historical re-enactments of what went on behind the scenes.

Game of Death Redux[change | change source]

  • In 1978 the Golden Harvest has released Game of Death[6] (and sequel Game of Death II in 1981). The 1978 version uses portions of the original footage married to an entirely new plot. The revised version of the film uses only 11 minutes and 7 seconds of the footage from the original The Game of Death. But on 2019 producer Alan Canvan edited Game of Death Redux,[6] edit only uses footage shot during the original production of The Game of Death. The film was released as a special feature in The Criterion Collection's Blu-ray box set of Bruce Lee films, on July 14, 2020.[7]

Movies[change | change source]

1972 original footage Year Notes Time 1972 original footage Distribution Country
Bruce Lee: the Mand and the Legend 1973 First appearance Trailer of 2 minutes Golden Harvest and Concorn Productions Ltd. British Hong Kong
Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey 2000 Bruce Lee's editing 36 mins and 40 secs Warner Bros U.S.A.
Bruce Lee in G.O.D 死亡的遊戯 2000 The longer scenes without Bruce Lee's editing 39 mins ArtPort Japan
Game of Death Redux 2019 Last appearance
(Special features by Game of Death: (1978))
34 mins and 26 secs (first version) The Criterion Collection,Golden Harvest U.S.A. and China
The Story 2000 Plot, prequel and sequel of 1972 footage (Special features by Bruce Lee: A Warrior's Journey) Only a few seconds of the Guardians in the middle of the movie in the closing credits Warner Bros U.S.A.

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