The Monument to the Unknown Soldier

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Monument to the Unknown Soldier
نصب الجندي المجهول
The Monument to the Unknown Soldier.jpg
Coordinates33°18′31″N 44°23′20″E / 33.3085°N 44.3890°E / 33.3085; 44.3890Coordinates: 33°18′31″N 44°23′20″E / 33.3085°N 44.3890°E / 33.3085; 44.3890
DesignerKhaled al-Rahal and Marcello D'Olivo
MaterialSteel, copper, marble, glass, granite, reinforced concrete and acrylic
WidthDome is 42 m (138 ft) (diameter) on a hill 250 m (820 ft) in diameter
Beginning date1979
Opening date1982
Dedicated toFallen Iraqi soldiers

The Monument to the Unknown Soldier (Arabic: نصب الجندي المجهول‎) is a monument in central Baghdad built by Italian architect, Marcello D'Olivo, based on a concept by Iraqi sculptor, Khaled al-Rahal. It was constructed between 1979 and 1982.

It was dedicated to the martyrs of the Iran–Iraq War.

In 1986 the national square of Iraq, Great Celebrations square, was built near the monument, and two other monuments were built close to the square in memory of the matyrs.

In 1983, the Al-Shaheed Monument on the River, was opened and in 1989 the newly built Victory Arch became the entrances to the square. The monument also has an underground museum.

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