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The Son Also Draws

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"The Son Also Draws"
Family Guy episode
Episode no.Season 1
Episode 6
Directed byNeil Affleck
Written byRicky Blitt
Production code1ACX06
Original air dateMay 9, 1999 (1999-05-09)
Episode chronology
← Previous
"A Hero Sits Next Door"
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"Brian: Portrait of a Dog"
Family Guy (season 1)
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"The Son Also Draws" is the 6th episode of the first season of Family Guy. It originally aired on Fox in the United States on May 9, 1999. The episode is about Chris getting kicked out of the Boy Scouts (the episode calls it "Youth Scouts"). Peter drives the family to Scout headquarters to get Chris back in. During a rest stop at a Native American casino, Lois gambles away the family car. Peter pretends to be a member of the tribe in an attempt to get the car back, and is sent on a vision quest to prove his heritage, giving him and Chris an opportunity to bond.

Chris wants to leave the Youth Scouts but does not want to tell his father Peter. Chris is later kicked out of the Youth Scouts. Peter takes Chris and the family to Manhattan, where the headquarters of the Youth Scouts is. Brian stays at the house and watches One Day at a Time. He becomes less smart after watching some episodes.

Peter needs to go to a bathroom, so they go to a Native American casino. Lois gets a gambling addiction and loses the family's car. Peter tries to get the car back by pretending he is a Native American. The Indians who work at the casino tell Peter to go on a vision quest to show that he really is a Native American. Chris goes with Peter into the wilderness. This is so that he can tell Peter he wants to draw instead of be with the Youth Scouts. Peter becomes so hungry in the wilderness that he starts to see talking trees. Fonzie appears in the sky and gets Peter to see Chris as a good artist. Peter and Chris go back to the casino and get their car back. At the end of the episode, the family talks about what Native Americans, Mexicans, and Swedes have achieved in life. Peter then says that "Canada sucks."


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"The Son Also Draws" was written by Ricky Blitt. Niel Affleck is the director of the episode.[1] Alex Borstein (voice actor of Lois) helped write the episode. Seth MacFarlane (creator of the show) thought she was helpful on writing for what Lois does in the episode.[2] The part of the story where Lois loses the family's car was based on the movie Lost in America.[2] The part with Peter trying to be an Indian to get the family car back is similar to real events. People say that they are 1/64th of a Native American so that they can get money from casinoes.[2] Suzie Plakson, Kevin Michael Richardson, Fred Tatasciore, Wally Wingert, Bobby Slayton, Butch Hartman, and Patrick Bristow were guest stars for the episode.[1]


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Ahsan Haque from IGN thought that the episode was not an "instant classic" like the other episodes of the first season, but is "still quite strong". He said that the episode did not have as many "laugh out loud moments" but has more "bolder" humor.[3] Robin Pierson of The TV Critic thought that the episode was "very poor" and that the story was not focused.[4] The episode's ending with Peter saying "Canada sucks" made Canadians who watched the episode angry.[2]


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