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The Super Mario Bros. Movie

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The Super Mario Bros. Movie
Logo for the Movie
Directed by
Screenplay byMatthew Fogel
Based onMario by Nintendo
Produced by
Edited byClaire Dodgson
Music byBrian Tyler (score)
Koji Kondo (themes)
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Running time
92 minutes
Countries United States
Budget$100 million
Box office$1,023,241,390

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is a 2023 American computer-animated adventure comedy movie directed by Aaron Horvath and Michael Jelenic and produced by Chris Meledandri of Universal Pictures, and by Illumination and Nintendo.

The movie was released in the United States on April 5, 2023. It received mixed reviews from critics, while reviews from the audience were mostly positive. A sequel was announced on March 2024 and will release on April 3, 2026.

Plot[change | change source]

Italian-American brothers Mario and Luigi have recently opened a plumbing business in Brooklyn, to the derision of their ex-employer Spike and the disapproval of their father. After seeing a significant water main leak on the news, Mario and Luigi go underground to fix it but are sucked into a Warp Pipe and separated.

Mario lands in the Mushroom Kingdom, ruled by Princess Peach, while Luigi arrives in the Dark Lands, ruled by the evil Koopa king Bowser. Bowser seeks to marry Peach and will destroy the Mushroom Kingdom using a Super Star if she refuses. He imprisons Luigi to threaten Mario, whom he sees as competition for Peach's love. Mario meets Toad, who takes him to Peach. Peach plans to ally with the primate Kongs to help repel Bowser and allows Mario and Toad to travel with her. She also tells Mario that she ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom as a baby, where the Toads took her in and eventually made her their leader. In the Jungle Kingdom, King Cranky Kong agrees to help if Mario defeats his son, Donkey Kong, in a fight. Despite Donkey Kong's immense strength, Mario defeats him using a Cat Suit.

Mario, Peach, Toad, and the Kongs use karts to drive back to the Mushroom Kingdom, but Bowser's army ambushes them on Rainbow Road. When a blue-shelled Koopa General destroys part of the road in a kamikaze attack, Mario and Donkey Kong plummet to the ocean while the other Kongs are captured. Peach and Toad return to the Mushroom Kingdom and urge the citizens to evacuate. Bowser arrives aboard his flying castle and proposes to Peach, who reluctantly accepts after Bowser's advisor Kamek tortures Toad. Mario and Donkey Kong, having been eaten by an eel-like Maw-Ray, learn they both want the respect of their fathers. They escape the Maw-Ray by riding a rocket from Donkey Kong's kart and hurry to Bowser and Peach's wedding.

At the wedding ceremony, Bowser intends to execute all of his prisoners in lava in Peach's honor. Toad smuggles an Ice Flower into Peach's bouquet, which she uses to freeze Bowser. Mario and Donkey Kong arrive and free the prisoners, with Mario using a Tanooki Suit to save Luigi. Bowser frees himself and summons a Bomber Bill to destroy the Mushroom Kingdom, but Mario knocks it off course and directs it into the Warp Pipe, where it detonates, creating a vacuum that causes everyone and Bowser's castle to be transported to Brooklyn. Mario attempts to grab the Star but is violently assaulted by the enraged Bowser, who also swiftly defeats Peach, Toad and Donkey Kong. Mario is encouraged by his advert to stand up and face Bowser, who almost incinerates him. Luigi saves Mario, with both grabbing the Super Star. They defeat the Koopas, destroy Bowser's castle and incapacitate Bowser. Peach then shrinks Bowser with a Blue Mushroom and imprisons him. Mario and Luigi are hailed as heroes by Brooklyn's populace, including their parents and Spike. Afterwards, the brothers move to a house in the Mushroom Kingdom and begin a day of plumbing work together.

Voice cast[change | change source]

Marketing[change | change source]

On September 23, 2021, a teaser poster was released following the cast announcement. On October 4, 2022, another teaser poster was released featuring Mario in the Mushroom Kingdom. On October 6, 2022, a teaser trailer was released. The teaser shows Bowser and Kamek fighting penguins, Mario arriving in the Mushroom Kingdom, and Luigi being chased by Dry Bones. Black and Key were praised for their roles as Bowser and Toad while Pratt was heavily criticized for sounding too similar to his regular voice.

On November 28, 2022, another teaser poster featuring Peach's Castle was released. The next day, a trailer was released online. The trailer shows Mario losing a fight to Donkey Kong, Peach rallying the Toads for a battle against Bowser, who is seemed to have kidnapped Luigi, Mario training on a Super Mario-themed course, and many characters racing on Rainbow Road. During the 2022 Game Awards, a clip was released. The clip features Toad showing Mario around the Mushroom Kingdom. Pratt's performance in the clip seemed to get better.

On January 29, 2023, a new ad was released. The ad features Cat Mario and Rogen's voice for Donkey Kong.

On February 3, 2023, an official poster for the film was released featuring the Rainbow Road track from the second trailer, the cast of characters, Peach's Castle, and the Dark Lands. 3 days later, a promo for the film featuring Mario constantly going through the pipes was released on the film's Twitter account. More new posters featuring Mario, Luigi, and Peach were released the following days before an ad for the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing company was released on February 12, followed by more new posters featuring Bowser, Donkey Kong, and Toad.

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