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The Original Wiggles: Anthony Field, Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt and Greg Page

The Wiggles are an Australian children's music group formed in Sydney, New South Wales in 1991. Since 2013, the group members are Anthony Field, Lachlan Gillespie, Simon Pryce, and Emma Watkins. The original members were Field, Phillip Wilcher, Murray Cook, Greg Page, and Jeff Fatt. Wilcher left the group after their first album. Page retired in 2006 due to ill health and was replaced by understudy Sam Moran, but returned in 2012, replacing Moran. At the end of 2012, Page, Cook, and Fatt retired, and were replaced by Gillespie, Pryce, and Watkins. Cook and Fatt retained their shareholding in the group and all three continued to have input into its creative and production aspects.

Field and Fatt were members of the Australian pop band The Cockroaches in the 1980s, and Cook was a member of several bands before meeting Field and Page at Macquarie University, where they were studying to become pre-school teachers. In 1991, Field was inspired to create an album of children's music based upon concepts of early childhood education, and enlisted Cook, Page, and Fatt to assist him. They began touring to promote the album, and became so successful, they quit their teaching jobs to perform full-time. The group augmented their act with animal characters Dorothy the Dinosaur, Henry the Octopus, and Wags the Dog, as well as the character Captain Feathersword, played by Paul Paddick since 1993. They travelled with a small group of dancers, which later grew into a larger troupe. The group's DVDs, CDs, and television programs have been produced independently since their inception. Their high point came in the early 2000s, after they broke into the American market.

The group was formally consolidated in 2005. They were listed at the top of Business Review Weekly's top-earning Australian entertainers four years in a row, and earned A$45 million in 2009. In 2011, the worldwide recession hit the Wiggles, as it had done for many Australian entertainers; they earned $28 million, but they still appeared second on BRW's list that year. The Wiggles have enjoyed almost universal approval throughout their history, and their music has been played in pre-schools all over the world. They have earned multiple Platinum, Double Platinum and Multi-Platinum records; have sold 23 million DVDs and 7 million CDs; and have performed, on average, to one million people per year. The Wiggles' music has also received over one billion streams, and over two billion views on YouTube. The band has also earned multiple Australasian Performing Rights Association (APRA) and Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Music Awards, and been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame.

The Wiggles released a career-spanning compilation album in March 2021, titled We're All Fruit Salad!: The Wiggles' Greatest Hits.

In the 14th season, Greg Page was replaced by Sam Moran.

Characters[change | change source]

Main characters[change | change source]

  • Greg Page (lead vocal): Greg is the lead singer, who loves to sing and dance. Greg drives The Big Red Car. He likes to do magic tricks. He is the yellow character.
  • Anthony Field (backing vocals and instrumentation): Anthony plays the guitar, drums, and sings and dances. He loves eating. His favourite food is fruit salad. He especially loves apples. When Anthony is happy he says “Wahoo!” Anthony wore green from the creation of The Wiggles in 1991 to 1995 and has worn blue since 1996 because he turned invisible in shots that were green-screened.
  • Murray Cook (backing vocals and instrumentation):Murray plays the guitar. He is the red character.
  • Jeff Fatt (keyboards and accordion): Jeff plays keyboards. His favorite color is purple. Jeff loves sleeping. When he dreams he even dreams of being asleep. This leads to the others saying, "Wake up, Jeff!

Minor characters[change | change source]

There are several other characters who are friends with the Wiggles.

  • Dorothy the Dinosaur is a large green dinosaur with yellow spots. She wears a floppy white hat and likes to eat roses. Dorothy is 5 years old. She is very wise for her age. Her birth is November 3,1991. She loves dancing, and is known to do ballet, Irish, Scottish, and line dancing. She loves her birthday as The Wiggles always make it a very special fun day for her. Dorothy has a heart of gold and is a very friendly dinosaur.
  • Captain Feathersword is a friendly pirate who wears a coat, hat, eye patch and a sword made of feathers. His birthday is on February 4, 1993
  • Wags the Dog is a tall, brown, furry dog with floppy ears and a happy face. He likes eating. Wags is said to keep The Wiggles up all night if he gets hungry. Wags also enjoys digging in his garden. Wags can only talk to the audience, but The Wiggles understand him when he barks. Wags is a good Tango dancer. He believes everyone is his friend and is said to love having a good time. His birthday is October 27, 1995.
  • Henry the Octopus is a fun-loving octopus with purple skin. He wears tartan clothes, a straw hat and black polished shoes on the end of every tentacle. Henry likes to wave to all his friends at the same time. This is easy for him to do since he has eight tentacles. Henry lives under the sea. He is the leader of the Underwater Big Band.

Discography[change | change source]

Studio albums[change | change source]

Each album is listed with the year it was first released. Source: National Library of Australia

  • The Wiggles (1991)
  • Here Comes a Song (1992)
  • Stories and Songs: The Adventures of Captain Feathersword the Friendly Pirate (1993)
  • Yummy Yummy (1994)
  • Big Red Car (1995)
  • Wake Up Jeff! (1996)
  • Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas (1996)
  • The Wiggles Movie Soundtrack (1997)
  • Toot Toot! (1998)
  • It's a Wiggly Wiggly World! (2000)
  • Wiggle Time! (2000)
  • Yule Be Wiggling (2000)
  • Hoop Dee Doo! It's a Wiggly Party (2001)
  • Wiggly Safari (2002)
  • Wiggle Bay (2002)
  • Go to Sleep Jeff! (2002)
  • Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! (2002)
  • Top of the Tots (2003)
  • Cold Spaghetti Western (2004)
  • Santa's Rockin'! (2004)
  • Sailing Around the World (2005)
  • Here Comes the Big Red Car (2006)
  • It's Time To Wake Up Jeff! (2006)
  • Splish Splash Big Red Boat (2006)
  • Racing to the Rainbow (2006)
  • Christmas Classics (2006)
  • Getting Strong! Wiggle and Learn (2007)
  • Pop Go the Wiggles! (2007)
  • You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2008)
  • Sing a Song of Wiggles (2008)
  • Go Bananas! (2009)
  • Hot Poppin' Popcorn (2009)
  • Let's Eat (2010)
  • Ukulele Baby! (2011)
  • It's Always Christmas With You! (2011)
  • Surfer Jeff (2012)[1]
  • Celebration! (2012)
  • Christmas Crackers! (2012)

Crunchy Munchy Honey Cakes (Coming Out Soon...)

Concert and compilation albums[change | change source]

  • Live: Hot Potatoes (2003)
  • Hot Potatoes: The Best of the Wiggles (2009)
  • Big Birthday! (2011)
  • Celebration (2012)
  • Hit Songs and Rarities (2012)[2]

Dorothy the Dinosaur albums[change | change source]

  • Dorothy the Dinosaur (2007)
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur's Memory Book (2008)
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur Meets Santa Claus (2009)
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur's Rockin' Christmas (2010)
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur's Travelling Show! (2011)
  • Dorothy the Dinosaur's Beach Party (2012)

Videography[change | change source]

  • Wiggle Time (1993)
  • Yummy Yummy (1994)
  • Big Red Car (1995)
  • Wake Up Jeff! (1996)
  • Wiggledance (1997)
  • Wiggly, Wiggly Christmas (1997)
  • The Wiggles Movie (1997)
  • Yummy Yummy (1998)
  • Wiggle Time! (1998)
  • Toot Toot! (1998)
  • The Wiggly Big Show (1999)
  • It's a Wiggly Wiggly World! (2000)
  • Hoop Dee Doo! It's a Wiggly Party (2001)
  • Yule Be Wiggling (2001)
  • Wiggly Safari (2002)
  • Wiggle Bay (2002)
  • Space Dancing (2003)
  • Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins! (2003)
  • Top of the Tots (2004)
  • Cold Spaghetti Western (2004)
  • Santa's Rockin'! (2004)
  • Live Hot Potatoes! (2005)
  • Sailing Around the World (2005)
  • Here Comes the Big Red Car (2006)
  • It's Time To Wake Up Jeff! (2006)
  • Splish Splash Big Red Boat (2006)
  • Wiggledancing: Live In The U.S.A. (2006)
  • Racing to the Rainbow (2006)
  • Wiggledancing: Live In Concert (2007)
  • Getting Strong! Wiggle and Learn (2007)
  • Pop Go the Wiggles! (2007)
  • You Make Me Feel Like Dancing (2008)
  • Sing a Song of Wiggles (2008)
  • Go Bananas! (2009)
  • The Wiggles Big Big Show (2009)
  • Hot Poppin' Popcorn (2009)
  • Hot Potatoes The Best Of The Wiggles (2010)
  • Let's Eat (2010)
  • Ukulele Baby! (2011)
  • Big Birthday (2011)
  • It's Always Christmas With You! (2011)
  • Surfer Jeff (2012)
  • Celebration'' (2012)
  • Taking Off! (2013)
  • Furry Tales (2013)
  • Pumpkin Face (2013)
  • Go Santa Go! (2013)
  • Hot Potatoes! The Best of The Wiggles (2014)
  • Apples & Bananas (2014)
  • Wiggle House (2014)
  • Wake Up Lachy (2014)
  • Emma's Bowtiful Day! (2014)
  • Rock & Roll Preschool (2015)
  • Anthony's Fruity Feast! (2015)
  • Emma! (2015)
  • The Wiggles: Meet The Orchestra! (2015)
  • Simon Says (2016)
  • Wiggle Town! (2016)
  • Fun Fun Fun! (2016)
  • Dial E For Emma! (2016)
  • Dance Dance! (2016)
  • Lachy! (2017)
  • Wiggle Around Australia (2017)
  • Duets (2017)
  • Emma's Bowtiful Ballet Studio (2017)
  • Nursery Rhymes (2017)
  • Wiggly Wiggly Christmas (2017)
  • The Best of the Wiggles (2018)
  • The Wiggles Reunion Show (2018)
  • The Emma and Lachy Show
  • Nursery Rhymes 2
  • Wiggle Pop
  • The Big Ballet Day
  • Sing, Dance and Play
  • Party Time
  • Emma! 2: Emmatastic!
  • Eat, Sleep, Wiggle, Repeat
  • Emma! 2: Dance Spectacular
  • Fun and Games
  • The Original Wiggles Reunion Show for the Australian Bushfires (2020)
  • Choo Choo Trains, Propeller Planes and Toot Toot Chugga Chugga Big Red Car (2020)
  • We're All Fruit Salad: The Wiggles Greatest Hits (2021)

TV Shows[change | change source]

  • The Wiggles TV Series 1 (Anthony's Friend, Foodman, Murray's Shirt, Building Blocks, Jeff The Mechanic, Lilly, Zardo Zap, The Party, Wiggly Opera, Anthony's Haircut, Muscleman Murray, Spooked Wiggles and Funny Greg.)
  • The Wiggles TV Series 2
  • The Wiggles TV Series 3 Lights Camera Action Wiggles
  • The Wiggles Show TV Series 4
  • The Wiggles Show TV Series 5
  • The Wiggles TV Series 6 Wiggle and Learn
  • Ready Steady Wiggle TV Series 1
  • Ready Steady Wiggle TV Series 2
  • Emma!
  • Lachy
  • Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle TV Series 1
  • Emma! 2: Emmatastic!
  • Emma! 2: Dance Spectacular
  • The Wiggles World

Notes[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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