Third Punic War

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Third Punic War
Part of the Punic Wars

The location of the city of Carthage
Date149 BC146 BC
Carthage (near modern Tunis)
Result Roman victory, Carthage was sacked.
Roman Republic Carthage
Commanders and leaders
Scipio Aemilianus Hasdrubal

The Third Punic War (149 BC to 146 BC) was the third and last of the Punic Wars. It was fought between the former Phoenician colony of Carthage, and the Roman Republic.

The war was a much smaller engagement than the two previous Punic Wars, and was mostly just the Romans attacking the city of Carthage in the Battle of Carthage. The Romans killed or captured all the people living inside of the city and tore down the buildings. They did this because they hated the Carthaginians after fighting two other wars with them, and didn't want to fight another, so they totally destroyed them.

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