Tholpuram Valakkamparai Muthumariamman Temple

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Tholpuram Valakkamparai Muthumariamman Temple

Tholpuram Valakkamparai Muthumariamman Temple is a Hindu temple in Valakkamparai, Tholpuram, Sri Lanka.

History[change | change source]

The Amman of the temple

Legends say that one day, an old man was taking care of his flock when an old lady called to him. She asked the man to get her some water to drink. The man said he would do this. He went to a nearby well and got water for the woman. The woman then asked him to take care of her hair. That night, the man had a dream. The woman appeared in his dream. She asked him to build a small temple for her. The next day, the man told his friends and neighbors about his dream. They set up a small hut and began to worship the woman as a goddess. People have believed that she chose this place because she thought it would be a good place to live. It is beleived that the area had many types of trees. The area still has many trees today.

The Dutch ruled the are in 1658. They ruled from 1658 until the British took control in 1796. During this time, a history book was written by A. Muthuthambipillai. The book says that Saravanamuthu Mudaliar was a Panchayat judge. It says that he held his court in a place now called 'Sathiyakadu'. This place was is in Tolpura at that time. With the permission of the Governor of Holland, a temple was built at Tolpura.

Architecture[change | change source]

According to documents from near the year 1650, the temple was built using burnt bricks. Laterm descendants of the original builders rebuilt the temple using stone. The cost of rebuilding the temole were paid for by the people of Valakkamparai in Tholpuram.

Special events[change | change source]

The temple's Chariot, which is used in festivals

The main religious festivals at the temple are celebrated during June or July. They include the Chariot Festival.

Wedding hall[change | change source]

There is a large air-conditioned hall at the temple. It is used for the weddings of the Hindu people. The wedding hall can also be used for other activities. The hall can hold a maximum of 500 people. This hall started functioning in 2015.[1][2] [3]

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