Through the Fire and Flames

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"Through the Fire and Flames" is the first single from the British power metal band DragonForce. The song is the first one from DragonForce’s third album, Inhuman Rampage. It features two quick guitar solos by Herman Li and Sam Totman. It was released on August 3, 2006.[source?]

Recording[change | change source]

During the recording of the song, guitarist Herman Li broke one of his guitar strings. The band chose to keep this recording and left it on the final album version. The album version was recorded in sections and put together to make the final song.[source?]

Music video[change | change source]

The song was used in DragonForce's first music video. The length of the song was cut to 5 minutes and 1 second for the video. [1]

Appearances in Guitar Hero[change | change source]

This song appears in two Guitar Hero games, Guitar Hero III and Guitar Hero: Smash Hits. In Guitar Hero 3, it was unlocked after the player finished the game.

References[change | change source]

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