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Dusan Svento (F.C. Red Bull Salzburg ) doing a throw-in
Rory Delap making a long throw-in

A throw-in in football (soccer) is when the ball has come off the opposite team, the other team picks that ball up and throws it in and the game continues.[1]

Rules[2][change | change source]

  • The throw-in is made at the place, where the ball left the field.
  • The throw in is delivered by the team who has not touched the ball before he left the field.
  • The thrower must look to the field of play.
  • He must stand with both feet on the ground on or outside the touch line .
  • He must use both hands to throw the ball from behind and over their head.
  • You can not score a goal directly after a throw in.
  • The opposite players must stand at least 2 meters away.
  • During the throw-in the offside rule is not used.[3]

Other facts[change | change source]

  • The best way to do a throw in is to throw the ball in an angle of about 30 degrees. Then you can reach the maximum distance.[4]
  • Rory Delap, a midfielder for Stoke City is known for his long-throw ins which led to many goals for Stoke City.
  • Also Christian Schwegler of FC Red Bull Salzburg is known for his throw ins.

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