Tin Ujević

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Tin Ujević (1940)

Augustin "Tin" Ujević (5 July 1891 – 12 November 1955) was a Croatian poet, considered one of the most important poets in Croatian language of all time.

When Ujević was young, he thought to dedicate his life to politics. After having been involved in various activities related to the nationalism of Yugoslavia between 1912 and 1916, he began a life with a bohemian style, developing a great interest in literature.

Ujević classified his works in 3 different fields: translation, assays and poetry.

He translated many works of various authors into the Croatian language, like Walt Whitman, Marcel Proust and Joseph Conrad.

Works[change | change source]

  • Lelek sebra/Cry of a slave, (1920)
  • Kolajna/Necklace, (1926)
  • Skalpel kaosa/Scalpel of chaos (1938)
  • Žedan kamen na studencu/Thirsty stone at the wellspring, (1954)
  • Auto na korzu/Car on the street