Titus Livius

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Titus Livius
Ab urbe condita, print from 1715.

Titus Livius was a Roman historian. Today, he is best known for his work Ab Urbe Condita (From the foundation of the city [of Rome]). In it, he tells the history of Rome from the foundation of the city (753 BC) to the year 9 BC. Livius was born probably in 59 BC in the city that is now called Padua. He died there around 17 AD. In English, he is also known as Livy. Unlike other historians of the time, Livius was not active in politics.

About a quarter of Ab Urbe Condita is known exactly. The rest is lost, but for some parts, it is known what they contained (because other peopel summarized his works).

When citing his works, his name is usually shortened to Liv.