Toby Sheldon

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Toby Sheldon
Tobias Strebel

October 3, 1980
DiedAugust 21, 2015 (aged 34)
Known forExtreme body modification, television appearances

Tobias "Toby" Sheldon (born Tobias Strebel; October 3, 1980 – August 21, 2015) was a German songwriter[1] who became a television reality star noted for having paid considerable amounts for plastic surgery (he himself estimated the total cost at over $100,000)[2] in order to resemble singer Justin Bieber.[3] He appeared on the television shows Botched on the E! network[4] and My Strange Addiction on TLC. Some experts argued that Sheldon's obsession was a case of body dysmorphia.[5] This topic was discussed in depth during his appearance alongside Justin Jedlica ("The Human Ken Doll") on the talk show Bethenny.[6]

On August 21, 2015 Sheldon was found dead in a room at a Motel 6 in the San Fernando Valley. Drugs were reportedly discovered at the scene.[7] Sheldon was 34. He had last been seen in West Hollywood on August 18, 2015 and some reports have indicated that his disappearance may have been triggered by a break-up with his boyfriend.[8][9] In July 2016, a coroner confirmed his death was triggered from multiple drug intoxication.[10]

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