Tokelauan language

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Native toTokelau
Native speakers
3,300 total, with 1400 in Tokelau (2017)
Official status
Official language in
Language codes
ISO 639-2tkl
ISO 639-3tkl

Tokelauan is a Polynesian language. It is closely related to Tuvaluan. People who speak Tokelauan and people who speak Tuvaluan can understand each other.

Tokelauan is spoken in Tokelau, American Samoa, and by Tokelauan people in New Zealand.. It is one of the official languages of Tokelau (the other is English).

Tokelauan is written in the Roman alphabet, using 15 letters: a, e, i, o, u, f, g, k, l, m, n, p, h, t, and v.

Phrases[change | change source]

Tokelauan English
Fanatu au là? Shall I come too?
Ko toku nena e i Nukunonu. My grandmother lives in Nukunonu.
Malo ni, ea mai koe? Hello, how are you?
E hēai ni vakalele i Tokelau. There are no aeroplanes in Tokelau.

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