Tokushima (city)

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Tokushima castle 03.JPG
The Gejo-bashi bridge and site of the Ote-mon gate at Tokushima castle
Japanese name

Tokushima (徳島市, Tokushima-shi) is the capital city of Tokushima Prefecture in Japan.[1]

Tokushima is on Shikoku island at the mouth of the Yoshino River.[2]

History[change | change source]

Tokushima is a former castle town (joka-machi) of the Hachisuka clan.[2]

Timeline[change | change source]

  • 1586 – Castle build by Hachisuka
  • 1889 – Modern city created
  • 1945 - Most of the city is destroyed by US bombers

References[change | change source]

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Coordinates: 34°4′N 134°33′E / 34.067°N 134.550°E / 34.067; 134.550