Tokyo Metro

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Tokyo Metro
OwnerTokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
LocaleGreater Tokyo Area, Japan
Transit typeRapid transit
Number of lines9
Number of stations180
Daily ridership6.84 million (FY2014)[1]
WebsiteTokyo Metro
Began operation1927 as Tokyo Underground Railway
(1941 as Teito Rapid Transit Authority; 2004 under current name)
Operator(s)Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd.
(private kabushiki gaisha formed in joint partnership by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Japanese government (through the Ministry of Finance))
Number of vehicles2,773 cars (2012)
System length195.1 km (121.2 mi)
Track gauge1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in)
1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) for Ginza & Marunouchi lines
Route map

Tokyo Metro lines (Toei and JR lines are shown in faint colours.)

The Tokyo Metro (東京メトロ, Tōkyō Metoro) is one of two rapid transit systems making up the Tokyo subway system, the other being Toei.

Lines[change | change source]

Color on maps Mark Line Number Line Japanese Route Stations Served Length
orange G Line 3 Ginza Line 銀座線 Shibuya to Asakusa 19 14.3 km
red M Line 4 Marunouchi Line 丸ノ内線 Ogikubo to Ikebukuro 25 24.2 km
Mb Marunouchi Line Branch Line 丸ノ内線分岐線 Nakano-sakaue to Hōnanchō 4 3.2 km
silver H Line 2 Hibiya Line 日比谷線 Naka-Meguro to Kita-Senju 21 20.3 km
sky blue T Line 5 Tōzai Line 東西線 Nakano to Nishi-Funabashi 23 30.8 km
green C Line 9 Chiyoda Line 千代田線 Yoyogi-uehara to Kita-Ayase 20 24.0 km
yellow Y Line 8 Yūrakuchō Line 有楽町線 Wakōshi to Shin-Kiba 24 28.3 km
purple Z Line 11 Hanzōmon Line 半蔵門線 Shibuya to Oshiage 14 16.8 km
teal N Line 7 Namboku Line 南北線 Meguro to Akabane-iwabuchi 19 21.3 km
brown F Line 13 Fukutoshin Line 副都心線 Wakōshi to Shibuya 16 20.2 kmA

A Note: Including the 8.3 km stretch between Wakoshi and Kotake-mukaihara shared with Yurakucho Line.

References[change | change source]

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