Tokyo Woman's Christian University

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Tokyo Woman's Christian University
Tōkyō Joshi Daigaku
Reischauer House, Tokyo Woman's Christian University
Quaecunque Sunt Vera
Motto in English
Whatsoever Things Are True
35°42′40″N 139°35′25″E / 35.71111°N 139.59028°E / 35.71111; 139.59028Coordinates: 35°42′40″N 139°35′25″E / 35.71111°N 139.59028°E / 35.71111; 139.59028

Tokyo Woman's Christian University (東京女子大学, Tōkyō Joshi Daigaku), often called as TWCU or Tonjo (東女, Tonjo), is a well-known private university in Tokyo, Japan.

Organization[change | change source]

TWCU has one faculty divided into twelve departments. In 2018, the departments of the university have been restructured.[1] Graduate programs are offered in their Graduate school.

  • Department of International English; It is the department focusing on globish and related topics.
  • Department of International Society; The department for social studies.
    • Department of International Relations
    • Department of Economics
    • Department of Sociology
    • Department of Community Planning
  • Department of Mathematical Science[2]

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References and notes[change | change source]

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  2. Mathematical science is an area including mathematics and related scientific topics.
  3. Information science is sometimes called as computer science.

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