Tomb of Cyrus

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Tomb of Cyrus the Great
آرامگاه کوروش بزرگ
Pasargad Tomb Cyrus3.jpg
LocationPasargadae, Iran
Built6th century BC
Built forCyrus the Great
Architectural style(s)Persian (Achaemenid)
Tomb of Cyrus is located in Iran
Tomb of Cyrus
Location within Iran

Tomb of Cyrus (Persian: آرامگاه کوروش بزرگ) is the tomb and resting place of Cyrus the Great, founder of Persian Empire. This tomb is located at Pasargadae, Fars Province in Iran.

This tomb was first discovered and identified as being tomb of Cyrus by British writer, James Justinian Morier.[1][2][3]

This place is one of the oldest examples of Earthquake engineering.

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