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Tomorrow's Pioneers

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Tomorrow's Pioneers (Arabic: رواد الغد Ruwād al-Ghad), also known as The Pioneers of Tomorrow, is a Palestinian children's television show. The series was broadcast by the Hamas-owned television station Al-Aqsa TV from April 13, 2007 to October 16, 2009.[1]

The show had a child host Saraa Barhoum and her co-host, a large costumed animal as they perform skits (or "scenes"). They talk about life in Palestine with children (usually from age 9–13 with some as young as 3) call in.[2][3]

Tomorrow's Pioneers is highly controversial because they talk about things that could be seen as antisemitism, Islamism, anti-Americanism, and pro-martyrdom.[4] The show had four seasons, with each season having a new animal costume co-host. The first three animal co-hosts died from either being beaten to death by an Israeli, dying of an illness or killed in an Israeli bombing.[5][6][7]

New episodes would usually be released on Fridays.[8]

The four costumed animal co-hosts were Farfour the Mouse, Nahoul the Bee, Assoud the Bunny and Nassur the Bear.[9]

The daughter of Walt Disney warned the show about its first animal co-host, Farfour, was a Mickey Mouse costume, and the studio because it was used without Disney's permission.[10]

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