Tomorrow Never Knows

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Tomorrow Never Knows is a song from The Beatles's Revolver album, from 1966.

John Lennon wrote the song based on his readings of The Psychedelic Experience, which adapted the Tibetan Book of the Dead for use as an LSD "user's manual", intending to give users a kind of religious experience. The song's title came from his bandmate Ringo Starr, who was known for his quirky but insightful comments about life.

Lennon wanted the sound of monks chanting, to complement the Beatles' recording of the song. It was not possible to do this, but Lennon's voice was played through a special speaker (called a Leslie speaker), to give it a warbling sound, like a voice calling from a hilltop. Other sounds on the record came from tape loops, playing over and over, and from a sitar.[1]

The song has also been recorded by other artists. A dance cover version appeared in the 1990s.

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