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Tonjiru is a Japanese soup. This soup is cooked to boil miso, potatoes, carrots, burdocks, pork(see blow).It is a rare for Japanese soup to use pork. It stays hot, so it is popular in winter.

Recipe[change | change source]

1. Cut vegetables (potatoes, carrots and burdocks, etc...)and Pork to eat easy. 2. Boil them in soup stock at high heat. 3. Add miso to taste. 4. Add cut long green onions.

History[change | change source]

Tonjiru probably began to cook from the Meiji era onward [1]. In the Asuka era, the Imperial court banned to eat meat. So, people could not eat meat, but boar meats were not banned, and they eat it as a Botannnabe. Therefore, it is said that Tonjiru is based on Botannnabe.

Local ingredients[2][change | change source]

  • Hokkaido ... potatoes, onions and butter
  • Aomori and Tohoku district ... sweet potatoes, Japanese parsley Chinese yams, strings of konnyaku, fine, Chinese cabbage
  • Kagoshima ... taros or sweet potatoes
  • Kochi ... ginger and Japanese ginger
  • Shimane ... sake lees
  • Miyazaki ... yuzu pepper
  • Nagano ... mushrooms
  • Chugoku district ... Chinese cabbage
  • Kinki district ... bean sprouts
  • Kyushu district ... a block of deep-fried bean curd

References[change | change source]

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