London Borough of Tower Hamlets

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London Borough of Tower Hamlets
Tower Hamlets
Shown within Greater London
Official website
Status London borough
— Total
Ranked 348th
19.77 km²
ONS code 00BG
Admin HQ Clove Crescent, Blackwall
— Total (2005 est.)
Ranked 61st (of 354)
10,784 / km²
Ethnicity 51.4% White
(42.9% White British, 1.9% Irish,
6.6% white other)
36.6% South Asian
6.5% Black British
2.6% Mixed race
1.8% Chinese
0.1% Arab
0.1% Jewish
Leadership Leader & Cabinet
Mayor Shafiqul Haque
Executive Labour
MPs Jim Fitzpatrick
Rushanara Ali
London Assembly
— Member
City and East
John Biggs

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets is a London Borough a bit east of the City of London and north of the River Thames.

Victoria Park is one of the most important parks. It has a canal running through it and lots people like to walk their dogs.

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