Toy poodle

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Toy poodles are smaller versions of poodles, so they are smaller than the average dog. Toy poodles are a dog breed.

Appearance[change | change source]

Their coat is dense and curly, and can come in Apricot, Black, Brown, Cream, and Red. Toy Poodles tend to have dark, oval eyes with ears close by. They have long, straight muzzles.

Activities[change | change source]

A toy poodle walks proudly in show

Toy poodles are a fun pet but also a companion, they're extremely intelligent and like to perform to do tricks and fashion. Toy poodles have a hard time swimming, but they love the water and swimming is a good exercise for them to keep their body fit.[1]

Care and feeding[change | change source]

Toy poodles require lots of grooming. Poodle fur must be brushed and washed with shampoo. Some owners blow dry their poodles. Toy poodles eat 1/3-1/2 cups of food a day depending upon their weight.

History[change | change source]

Toy poodles go a long way back. They were first bred in the 20th century. Then there was the Poodle Club of America. They were originally bred to be pets, but now they are used for more things like hunting and performing.

The Toy Seidenpoodle was a longhaired, silky coated curly toy dog, breed in Germany.[2]

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