Tré Cool

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Tré Cool
Tre Cool.jpg
Cool performing in 2009
Background information
Birth name Frank Edwin Wright III
Also known as Tré Cool[1][2]
The Snoo[3]
Born (1972-12-09) December 9, 1972 (age 45)
Frankfurt, West Germany [4]

Tré Cool (born Frank Edwin Wright III December 9 1972, in Frankfurt, Germany) is a German-born American drummer for the punk band Green Day.

Appearance[change | change source]

He has red hair and blue eyes.

Personal life[change | change source]

He has two children, Ramona, born January 1995 to ex-wife, Lisea Lyons; Frankito ("Little Frank"), born 2001 to Claudia. Tré grew up with his father and 2 siblings. He dated The Donnas drummer Torry Castellano in 2003, they then separated in mid 2005. Tre' Cool is currently single.

References[change | change source]

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