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The size of TrES-4b compared to Jupiter

TrES-4 is an exoplanet. It orbits around the star GSC 02620-00648. The planet is 4.5 million miles from its sun. Being this close to its sun, the year on TrES-4 about three days long.[1][2] This makes the temperature on the planet very hot. In fact, the temperature on TrES-4 is about 2,300 degrees Fahrenheit (1,260 degrees Celsius).[1]

TrES-4 is a gas giant that is 70 percent bigger than Jupiter.[1][3] However, the planet is only as dense as cork.[1] At the time of its discovery, TrES-4b was the largest known planet in the universe.

Discovery[change | change source]

The planet was found by Georgi Mandushev at the Lowell Observatory in Arizona.[4] Mandushev discovered the planet as a part of the Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey project.[5]

TrES-4 was discovered using the transit method. When an exoplanet passes between its sun and the Earth, astronomers can see a change in light from the star.

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