Treehouse of Horror II

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"Treehouse of Horror II"
The Simpsons episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 6
Directed byJim Reardon
Written byAl Jean
Mike Reiss
Jeff Martin
George Meyer
Sam Simon
John Swartzwelder
Production code8F02
Original air dateOctober 31, 1991 (1991-10-31)
Episode chronology
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"Like Father, Like Clown"
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"Homer Defined"
The Simpsons (season 3)
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"Treehouse of Horror II" is the sixth episode of The Simpsons third season, the second Simpsons Halloween episode, and the first Halloween episode where names in the closing credits were replaced by 'spooky name' parodies. The episode first started on October 31, 1991. The first part, "The Monkey's Paw", is a direct reference to W.W. Jacobs's short story The Monkey's Paw, in which the Simpsons's wishes all backfire on them after buying a cursed hand of a monkey. In the second part, "The Bart Zone", Bart has omnipotent powers, and turns Homer into a jack-in-the-box, resulting in the two spending more time together. The part was a parody of The Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life". In the last part, "If I Only Had A Brain", Mr. Burns's head is grafted onto Homer's head after Mr. Burns tries to create a robot with Homer's brain.

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