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Trichodesmium bloom off Great Barrier Reef 2014-03-07 19-59.jpg
Trichodesmium bloom off the Great Barrier Reef
Scientific classification e
Domain: Bacteria
Phylum: Cyanobacteria
Class: Cyanophyceae
Order: Oscillatoriales
Family: Microcoleaceae
Genus: Trichodesmium
Ehrenberg ex Gomont, 1892

Trichodesmium contortum
Trichodesmium erythraeum
Trichodesmium hildebrandtii
Trichodesmium radians
Trichodesmium tenue
Trichodesmium thiebautii

Trichodesmium, or "sea sawdust", is a genus of filamentous cyanobacteria. They are found in nutrient-poor tropical and subtropical ocean waters.

They are most common around Australia and in the Red Sea, where they were first described by Captain Cook.

Trichodesmium is a diazotroph; that is, it fixes atmospheric nitrogen into ammonium, a nutrient used by other organisms. Trichodesmium is thought to fix nitrogen on such a scale that it accounts for almost half of the nitrogen fixation in marine systems globally.[1][2]

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