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The Triple Nine Society (or just TNS) is a large and famous group for people with a high intelligence quotient. The non-profit organization only has members with high IQs. They must score at the 99.9th percentile or higher on a standard intelligence test.[1] In many cases, people need an IQ of 146 or higher to join. There are now over 1,600 members in 50 countries.

TNS publishes a journal named Vidya. Members write articles and poetry. Vidya also has other official business of the society. TNS members communicate with one another online through email lists, a Facebook group two Yahoo! Groups, a LinkedIn group and a scheduled weekly IRC chat. European members have established a group in XING and a French language Members-only Yahoo! Group. TNS has meetings in the US every Fall ("ggg999") and meetings in Europe every Spring ("egg999").

The Triple Nine Society started in 1978. It has democratic principles. TNS wants members to freely speak about their views in keeping with the Society's commitment to friendship and intellectual growth.[2]

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