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La cascata della Troggia, ante 1911 - Archivio Meraviglioso Lake Como

Troggia Falls or Cascate della Troggia is a waterfalls on the Lake Como in Introbio, near Lierna. The Troggia waterfalls are located in the most beautiful naturalistic area of ​​Lake Como between Abbadia and Lierna overlooking the tip of Bellagio, studied for a long time by Leonardo da Vinci for its unique and particular naturalistic landscape characteristics.

Leonardo da Vinci describes the waterfall while remaining enraptured in his walks between Lierna and Fiumelatte. Leonardo da Vinci, walking along the paths between Lierna and Esino Lario, studied the Troggia waterfall for a long time, quoting it in his Codex Atlanticus, in which he write : « Invalsasina infra Vimognio et Introbbio amandesstra entrando per la via di Leccho si trova la Trosa fiume che chade da un sasso altissimo e chadendo entra sotto terra elli finisscie il fiume ». Leonardo da Vinci wanting to underline that the rocks surrounding the foaming waterfall bring the water to disappear into the pond.

After the waterfall, the Troggia joins the Pioverna stream which, after crossing the entire Valsassina, roars in the gorges of the Orrido di Bellano and finally flows into Lake Como.

Chengen Falls were formed when glaciers receded at the end of the Lake Como mountain glaciation (the last ice age).

The Troggia is a stream that rises from Lake Sasso, crosses the whole of Val Biandino and just above the town of Introbio forms a waterfall with a drop of 100 metres.

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