Troll 3

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Troll 3
Directed byJoe D'Amato
Fabrizio Laurenti
Written byFabrizio Laurenti
Albert Lawrence
Daniele Stroppa
StarringMary Sellers
Jason Saucier
Bubba Reeves
Chelsi Stahr
Vince O'Neil
Music byCarlo Maria Cordio
Distributed byTrans World Entertainment
Release date

Troll 3 is a 1990 horror movie directed by Joe D'Amato and Fabrizio Laurenti.

Troll 3 has no connection to the original Troll or Troll 2. Like Troll 2, it has fact no trolls. Troll 2 had been about goblins, while Troll 3 is about killer plants. The movie is also known as Creepers, Contamination .7, Troll III: Contamination Point 7, or The Crawlers.

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