Tropical Storm Doria

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Tropical Storm Doria of August 1971 was the most expensive tropical cyclone of that year's Atlantic hurricane season. The storm developed on August 20, 1971 in the east-central Atlantic, near the Leeward Islands.

Doria moved just north of the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. Later, the storm started heading up the East Coast of the United States. First, it struck North Carolina as a tropical storm. It struck near Morehead City having winds of 65 miles per hour.

In North Carolina, Doria dumped five inches of rain. There was localized flooding and minor wind damage.[1]

In Virginia, the storm's rain bands caused an F1 tornado near Portsmouth, Norfolk and Chesapeake. Damage from the tornado was near $250,000. Twelve homes were damaged.[2]

Doria later struck the Mid-Atlantic states, New York City and west-central New England.

Total damage from Doria was $147.6 million. Seven people were killed by the storm.

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